We know that food is a big part of staying happy!

That is why we have worked with our in-house chefs to create a menu,

which makes you happy inside and out!

Combining local and western ingredients to provide a wide variety of options for meals, snacks and beverages.

We support local farmers and small businesses to ensure that our produce is fresh, tasty and sustainable.



Prilita’s love for cooking started in her early childhood, when she was just 9 years old. Her grandmother and her aunt inspired her passion for cooking, passing on the traditional Balinese recipes with their personal touch. 
Once she graduated chef school, Prilita pursued her career in the restaurants and hotels around Bali. Now, a part of Adila Family, Prilita makes vegetarian dishes with flavours borrowed from her family’s traditions. Her favourite meal to eat is a vegetarian burger because it has everything: delicious carbs, nutritious proteins and healthy greens. Prilita says that cooking is her favourite way to express herself, her art of choice, and something she can share with the most loved people in her life.



Sri’s passion for cooking started when she was just a baby. In her family, her dad has been famous for cooking traditional Indonesian meals and his love for food was soon passed onto Sri. Later in her life she decided to make a career out of what she’s been enjoying the most: making people around her happy with the elaborate meals she made.

Now, Sri has been working as a hotel and restaurant chef for 3 years. The cuisine she is most passionate about is Western. Her dream is to open a restaurant with her husband.
Sri’s signature dish is Spaghetti Arabiatta with a home-made secret sauce.
Her favourite meal is Satay Ayam, a Southeast Asian dish of seasoned, grilled and skewered chicken with peanut sauce.

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